Welcome to Tropical Resources Liquid Contract Manufacturing!

Here at Tropical Resources we take pride at being the best and most experienced liquid manufacturer in the West. From our equipment engineers to our food scientists, this is our passion. Servicing companies both large and small with the best value, liquid manufacturing solution available. We know what you need and know how to get it done right. With our State-Of-The-Art facility and highly competent professionals, we are quickly becoming recognized as the benchmark of integrity and quality in the health and wellness industry for manufacturing.

We are a Utah based, midsized, co-packer and bottler of liquid nutraceuticals, juices, teas, dietary supplements, isotonic drinks, and RTD beverages.

If you're looking for regional production capacity to save on transportation costs, expanding a new product line, or looking to move existing production to a facility with quality and reliability, we are everything you are looking for.

We invite you to find out more about us on this website, and to contact us anytime.